Merchant Information

Financial losses due to card fraud are much lower in Ireland than in most other EU countries however trends continue to vary and criminals continue to target consumers and retailers where they obtain payment card details for future fraudulent use. There is an ongoing need for shops and retailers to actively protect their business against fraud.

Retail staff members can be a frontline defence against payment card fraud. Alongside fraud prevention technologies such as Chip & PIN, retail staff members are incredibly important in the overall fight against card crime.

Fraud losses on credit, debit and ATM cards amounted to €16.6 million in Ireland in 2009. Technological advances in payment mechanisms, such as Chip and PIN, have dramatically reduced our exposure to fraud risks where the card is physically present at the time of the transaction however there has been a shift in criminal activity in the direction of Card Not Present sales (e.g. mail orders, telesales and Internet). In fact, as much as 64% of all fraud carried out on Irish issued cards is now done in the Card Not Present (CNP) environment, mainly through use of stolen card data to purchase goods on the Internet, which are then resold by thieves for cash.

Shops and retailers need to be proactive about fraud prevention and the SafeCard Team is here to help you do this. In this Merchant section you will find details of frauds currently affecting the Irish market, downloadable training materials, answers to frequently asked questions and lots of other useful information.

If you would like a member of the SafeCard team to provide you with specific, tailored or one-to-one advice please just let us know and we will be happy to help.