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PIN Privacy – Who’s looking over your shoulder?

IPSO alert to consumers using Chip & PIN cards

PIN Privacy – Who's looking over your shoulder?


When you enter your PIN at an ATM and in shops, how often do you cover the keypad with your free hand? The answer should, of course, be "always" but more often than not cardholders don't take enough care to keep PINs private.


Your PIN is the key to your bank account and all of the funds in it. You need to make sure that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.


Speaking today. Úna Dillon Head of IPSO Cards Services said: "In the same way that your PIN allows you instant and convenient access to your funds in more than 90,000 retail outlets and at 3,000 ATMs in Ireland alone, once a card-thief knows your PIN, your card can be just as useful to a criminal looking to buy goods and services in your name. Thanks to advanced technology in which the banks in Ireland have invested around €100 million to date, it is becoming more and more difficult to use a payment card in shops without a PIN and impossible for ATM withdrawals."


IPSO offers the following advice on keeping your account safe and your PIN private:

  • When entering your four digit PIN code, cover the PIN pad with your free hand from the view of anyone who may be standing close by
  • Beware of anyone around you who might be deliberately trying to observe your PIN
  • If anything or anyone makes you suspicious while purchasing goods or withdrawing cash at an ATM, cancel the transaction, walk away and call the Gardaí

€16.6 million worth of card fraud was carried out on Irish issued cards last year and it is a well known fact that revenue raised from card fraud often goes towards funding more serious crimes. For further information on card fraud and simple but effective techniques to protect against it, please visit safecard.ie