ATM Skimming Poster Campaign

ATM Fraud – Joint Poster Campaign by The Irish Payment Services Organisation Ltd. and An Garda Síochána.

Press Release Issued December, 2005

Today marks the launch of a poster campaign to raise awareness of ATM fraud in Ireland; an initiative jointly supported by An Garda Síochána and the Irish Payment Services Organisation (IPSO). The objective of this campaign is to give advice to members of the public and to make them aware of the various types of equipment that are currently being used to commit fraud at ATMs in this country and abroad.

This crime entails the copying of bank cards by means of a custom built skimming device which is attached to the ATM by a criminal. A small micro-camera is also fitted to the ATM directly above the PIN pad and this captures the PIN of the person using the ATM. This information is then used to create a copy of the card which is used at an ATM to withdraw monies from customers' accounts without their knowledge.

"It is my believe that co-operation, communication and networking is the way forward in the development of strategies to prevent and combat this type of crime. An Garda Síochána has had numerous successes in the past few months in targeting organised crime gangs and it is the assistance of the payment card industry and members of the public that helped us to make such detections."

Detective Chief Superintendent, Austin McNally

The card issuing companies throughout Ireland and Europe have established a new Chip & PIN payment card which will make card crime more difficult for the fraudsters. Over the past twelve months there has been a dramatic increase in fraud at ATMs with losses of €3.5million being reported so far this year.

180 million ATM transactions take place every year, worth an estimated €22.8 billion. Approximately 3.4 million ATM transactions will take place over the course of this week as normal. While we empathise entirely with the victims of this type of fraud, which is an upsetting and traumatic experience, we stress that ATM skimming has affected only a tiny fraction of ATM cardholders to date.