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IPSO Retailer Seminar. PCI DSS Explained. 2nd September

August 24th, 2010


IPSO Card Services ran a retail seminar on the 2nd of September at the Institute of Bankers, to help explain what PCI DSS is all about.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, or PCI DSS, are mandated by the global card schemes for any shop that accepts payment cards either in a face to face environment or via the internet, telesales or mail order. IPSO's aim during the seminar was to share as much information as possible about PCI DSS and on how to become compliant with the standards. 

Presentations were provided on the day from IPSO and also from a series of guest speakers including Mathieu Gorge from Vigitrust, John Clarke from WorldNet TPS and Darren Kelly from the Irish Pharmacy Union. The presentations are available here. Simply click on the name below to see them.

Mathieu Gorge, CEO Vigitrust – The state of PCI DSS compliance – a global and Irish perspective

John Clarke, Head of Product Innovation, WorldNet TPS – PSP Case Study

Darren Kelly, Irish Pharmacy Union – the retailer's perspective

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