Problems using non-Chip & PIN cards

While less frequent now, the SafeCard Team has been made aware in the past of some customers having problems using their non-Chip & PIN debit or credit card in stores around Ireland. This is due to shops incurring a policy to only accept cards with Chip & PIN. It should be noted that the shops in question are not acting in accordance with card acceptance rules and should be reported to their bank. This can be done through IPSO, where required.

It is true to say that some shops will put into place policies whereby they request photo ID when accepting non-Chip & PIN cards. They are entitled to do this and to put in whatever extra safeguards are required to help prevent fraud in their businesses. Shops or merchants that choose to deny use of non-Chip & PIN cards are simply turning away good business. Many countries do not yet have Chip & PIN cards including the U.S., Australia, China, etc so thousands of tourists coming to Ireland will not have Chip & PIN cards. When shops decide not to accept those customers’ cards they are tarnishing the reputation of the country as a whole as people who hear that they cannot use their credit card or debit card in Ireland may decide to travel elsewhere.

If your card is not accepted, ask in the first instance to speak to a manager. It could be a simple misunderstanding by a staff member. Ask the shop assistant or manager to swipe your card in the terminal. The terminal will be capable of accepting your card and the staff member will be prompted to ask you for a signature rather than a PIN.

It should be noted that there are very few cards remaining in Ireland that are not Chip & PIN enabled. These should be replaced in the near future. If you are experiencing issues such as this, contact your card issuer for more information.