Be Safe at the ATM

  • Guarding your PIN so that no one around you can see it is one of the most important things you can do while using an ATM. The following footage (supplied by the LINK ATM scheme) is provided to show how easy it is for criminals to see the PIN pad, once a camera is installed. It also shows how simple it is to cover the PIN pad and conceal your PIN.

  • Be aware of any damage or obvious fixtures to the ATM that look out of the ordinary
  • If you become suspicious of a compromise, walk away
  • If you believe your card has been compromised, go to another ATM, change your PIN as soon as possible and report it to your bank or card issuer
  • Be aware of the people around you, especially those standing close by
  • Report lost or stolen ATM cards to your card issuer immediately. The 24-hour emergency number is on your bank statement or call directory enquiries
  • Sign any new cards as soon as they arrive from your bank or card issuer. Ensure that you cut up the old cards as soon as the new ones become valid
  • We recommend that you check your ATM receipts against your bank statement regularly and inform your card issuer immediately if there are any withdrawals that you don’t recognise. Your bank will investigate those for you

Other important tips:

  • If you carry a handbag, hold it with the clasp facing towards you. A money belt or secure inside pocket is best for valuables
  • Don't leave payment cards unattended in a bag, briefcase or jacket pocket
  • At work keep your bag and other personal belongings locked in a cupboard or drawer

At ATMs:

  • Protect your cards and Personal Identification Number (PIN) at all times
  • Don’t reveal your PIN to anyone
  • Be alert to anything unusual occurring while using your card at an ATM
  • Report any suspicious activity to the ATM owner (if it is located at a bank branch) or to the Gardaí