419 Fraud

We are all now familiar with the Nigerian letter scam, also known as 419 Fraud (so-called after the Nigerian 419 penal code), where criminals send out emails or faxes to people advising them that they’ve won the lottery, or that the sender has inherited a lot of money and needs someone to help them to transfer it out of Nigeria or similar. The email sender will nearly always offer a large amount of money to anyone willing to help them.

In this scam individuals, unlucky enough to be taken in by the email and who respond with their contact and account details, are eventually threatened into handing over sums of money to the criminals. We advise that anything that sounds too good to be true in a letter, fax or over the phone, more than likely is so avoid them. Certainly don’t respond to such an email. Doing so could simply activate your email account and alert criminals that yours is an live email address.