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Securing your card with 3D Secure when shopping on the internet


3D Secure – Making Internet Shopping Safer

3D Secure protects your MasterCard or Visa Card against unauthorised use when you shop on the Internet at participating retailers.  This simple tool enables you to validate your transactions over the internet by supplying pre-registered personal codes.

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure is a tool used to enhance the security of your existing MasterCard or Visa Card for use when shopping on the Internet. To enrol in 3D Secure, you first need to contact the bank that issued your credit card to you.

During the enrolment process you will choose a personal code and a personal greeting.

After enrolment, you will be prompted for this personal code anytime you shop at a participating online merchant.  When you key in your personal code your card issuer validates that the correct code has been entered.  Your card issuer is responsible for validating and safeguarding your code so the merchant never has access to it.

How does 3D Secure protect me?

When you correctly enter your 3D Secure personal code during a purchase at a participating online merchant, you are confirming that you are the authorised cardholder and your purchase is then completed.  If an incorrect code is entered, e.g. by a thief, the purchase will not be completed.  Even if someone knows your credit card number, the purchase cannot be completed without your personal code at participating merchants.

What happens when I use my personal code at a participating merchant?

When you shop at a participating merchant and enter your credit card details, you will automatically be prompted by your financial institution to enter your personal code.  There is no need to login or sign in to 3D Secure.  After reviewing the details of your purchase, you simply type in your personal code to complete your purchase.

Can I still use my credit card on websites where the merchant is not participating?

Yes. You can still use your credit card as normal at Internet shops that are not participating in 3D Secure.  In these cases you will not be prompted for your personal code but the transaction will continue without it as normal.

It should be noted that if an unauthorised sale were to go through on your credit card on the Internet, your card issuer will investigate that for you and in all cases, the shop is required to provide proof that the transaction was yours. If they cannot, then you are refunded immediately. Use of 3D Secure is a huge benefit to Internet shops as it helps to reduce their fraud losses, due to cardholder disputes, while the tool verifies the customer as the correct owner of the card.

Steps to start using 3D Secure?

  1. Contact your card issuer to find out if they offer 3D Secure

  2. Follow your card issuer’s instructions to enrol your card in 3D Secure

  3. Enjoy shopping with comfort and security with participating online merchants