Consumer Information

Payment card fraud can affect you at any time and it is a known fact that money raised by criminals through card fraud is used to fund more serious criminal and terrorist activity. Please use this site for information on card fraud prevention and advice on protecting your payment cards.

Be Aware Beat Fraud – A Guide to Fraud Prevention

IPSO together with the Gardaí, PSNI and IBF launched a Fraud Prevention Guide in October 2009 to help raise awareness about the existing issues affecting consumers and businesses in Ireland.  The guide details all current fraud types and provides simple prevention techniques. Click here to download a copy of this guide.


Don't Abuse Your Debit Card

IPSO Card Services has teamed up with the Amsterdam Police to bring you this video which shows the perils of becoming a money mule. The video, targetted at students and young people, helps to outline the issues that can arise for people if they take the decision to become a mule, as part of a crime, usually to earn a quick buck. Click here to see the video